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About company

We are the leading Polish producer of food for people suffering from coeliac disease, phenylketonuria and gluten intolerance.

Our chief objective is more important though. It is to help those who live with such conditions to follow a diet that will improve their health and quality of life, whilst keeping the food tasty in every way. Thanks to our efforts and the individual approach to the quality of our products, gluten-free diet does not have to be a daily sacrifice of our favourite dishes and desserts.

Balviten - ciasta i wypieki

With gluten
You are not on the way?

People suffering from coeliac disease and different varieties of gluten intolerance must change their eating habits. It does not have anything to do with popular weight-loss regimes. A gluten-free diet is a nutritional plan that saves the lives of coeliac sufferers who, in extreme cases, may face tragic consequences if they keep eating products contaminated with this plant protein. For people suffering from gluten intolerance, it is a way to significantly improve the quality of life and alleviate unwelcome symptoms.

Balviten - świeże wypieki

What is gluten?

Gluten is a combination of plant proteins – glutenin and gliadin – present in many cereals. It is most common in the grains of wheat and its varieties (spelt, emmer, einkorn) as well as rye and barley. As gluten can also contaminate oat (mainly through contact with other cereals in a processing plant), people who are used to eating porridge for breakfast should use gluten-free oatmeal.

The aim of gluten-free diet

Full elimination of gluten from the diet offers people who are particularly sensitive to this protein a chance for a significant improvement of their health and well-being. By following a gluten-free diet, people suffering from coeliac disease or living with a diagnosed gluten intolerance may enjoy life without fearing about getting worse.

The popular belief that the introduction of this diet entails serious nutritional restrictions is not true. Even though this specific eating plan requires discipline and patience, nowadays it is not a problem to select fully nutritious substitutes of gluten products. Today's gluten-free diet is simple, easy and genuinely pleasant. Resulting in excellent physical and mental condition, good medical reports and absence of disagreeable symptoms, it makes allergy suffers rediscover the joys of life.