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About us

We are the leading Polish producer of food for people suffering from coeliac disease, phenylketonuria and gluten intolerance.

Our chief objective is more important though. It is to help those who live with such conditions to follow a diet that will improve their health and quality of life, whilst keeping the food tasty in every way. Thanks to our efforts and the individual approach to the quality of our products, gluten-free diet does not have to be a daily sacrifice of our favourite dishes and desserts.

Where can you find us?

Balviten’s headquarters is located in the very centre of Katowice, whereas our production plant is situated in Jadowniki near Tarnów.

We keep investing in machines and equipment that meet the most stringent standards. Mindful about our customers’ health and aiming to ensure the best quality and innovativeness of our gluten-free and low-protein products, we have implemented state-of-the-art production technologies. They are reflected in the unique taste of our goods and their ability to provide all the necessary nutrients.

Balviten prioritises quality and ongoing interaction with customers. At each stage of the production process, from raw materials supplied by top vendors to semi-finished products to finished goods, anything we produce is subjected to meticulous controls leaving no room for error. Our efforts to adhere to the best quality and safety standards have earned us positive feedback from lots of satisfied customers.

We offer a full range of excellent breads, healthy and nutritious sweets, confectionery products, tasty pastas, concentrates and flour blends for home-made bread and patisseries. Our aim is to place novelties on the Polish market to enrich our customers’ gluten-free diet.

How to order Balviten products?

To visit our on-line shop (click here).

You can also place your order by phone: (32) 220-14-14, (32) 220-14-15; fax: (32) 441-63-23 and e-mail at

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